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Integrate CHILI GraFx


CHILI GraFx does not require a custom integration, it can be used out of the box with this very simple workflow.

  • Create a Smart Template
  • Assign a template to a collection
  • Allow end-users on the platform to create Projects from these collections.

Powerful CHILI GraFx Studio engine

If you want to customize your experience with GraFx, allowing you to tailor the power of our GraFx Studio engine to your specific use case, you have the ability to integrate it into your application.

More information on the concept.

Authentication for your integration

Before proceeding, you'll need to create an "Integration" in GraFx to generate a set of credentials you can use to authenticate with our platform.

Refer to the guide "How to manage Integrations" for instructions on how to do this.

Talk to the API(s)

In the Developer Center, you'll find the relevant APIs.