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Integrate CHILI GraFx apps

To communicate with CHILI GraFx, use these two APIs. You can learn more about the role of each API below.

Client side

Platform API

The CHILI GraFx Platform API allows you to manage CHILI GraFx Platform resources.

Some example use cases are:

  • User management
  • Environment creation
  • Buy (Render pack) add-ons

Environment API

You can access the specific interactive Swagger for your environment API via integration setup


Through the GraFx Environment API you can manage your CHILI GraFx environment.

Some example use cases are:

  • Adding Smart Templates
  • Adding Template Designer seats (later)
  • Generating Output

The Environment API contains endpoints related to several apps.

Ust this API for this App
Platform API CHILI GraFx (platform)
Environment API GraFx Studio
Environment API GraFx Media
Environment API GraFx Fonts


Certain endpoints require authentication and authorization to access. If you have not properly authorized, the API will respond with an error.

  • If you don't have the app in your subscription
  • If you have the app, but you don't have access to a certain resource

Error codes

Code Meaning
200 Ok
500 Server dead
404 Function not found

You can find out more about generating credentials in our Integration Guide

Overview per application


GraFx Studio

GraFx Publisher

GraFx Media

GraFx Fonts