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Set up your local environment

JavaScript could run in the browser, served from a file. Running it from a webserver, will have several advantages, e.g. access to objects in the code you are writing. We also need a webserver to be able to fetch content from other domains.

Setting up a webserver

Set up a local webserver of your choice

To speedup and facilitate your setup, you can use tools like MAMP

Create a Folder for you application


DNS or not?

Up to you, to serve the files from localhost / or from a local DNS.

My preference is to use the .hosts file to setup a local domain.


Remember to setup a local SSL certificate, to be able to run secure

Testing the setup

Add an index.html to the root of your folder, and insert "Hello world"

Index HTML

Browse to the webserver / folder to see

Hello World Page

You now have a working website on a local webserver!