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Font families


A font refers to a specific style and design of a typeface. It is a single, individual variation of a typeface.

Fonts come in various styles, such as Arial, Times New Roman, Helvetica, or Satoshi. Each of these styles has its own unique characteristics, like the shape of letters, spacing, and thickness.

Font Family

A font family, on the other hand, is a group or collection of related fonts. These fonts share a similar design concept, but they come in different styles and variations. For example, the "Satoshi" font family might include Satoshi Regular, Satoshi Italic, Satoshi Bold, and Satoshi Bold Italic.

These different styles within the same family maintain a consistent look and feel but vary in thickness, slant, or other design aspects.

The Mozilla Developer Network provides a rough mapping to typical font weight names. (Source: Wikipedia)

Name Weight
Thin / Hairline 100
Ultra-light / Extra-light 200
Light 300
Normal / regular 400
Medium 500
Semi-bold / Demi-bold 600
Bold 700
Extra-bold / Ultra-bold 800
Heavy / Black 900
Extra-black / Ultra-black 950