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A variable is a named container for a particular set of data (text, image reference, date, etc...).

Source: Wikipedia

In the context of GraFx Studio, that variable is used in a frame as placeholder to be replaced with the content of the variable or datasource.



"Hello <!firstname!>,

How is life?"

This text contains a placeholder for a firstname.

We assume it's supposed to be a firstname, because of the name.

But the name of the variable firstname is not related to the content.

It could also have been:


"Hello <!V1!>,

How is life?"

Variables are placeholders, that will be replaced with variable content.

Types of content

The type of content for the variable will differ with the context. In the previous example, this most likely will be a piece of text.

In other cases, it could be a reference to an image (or other digital asset).



When the frame has a source reference $ImageRef then you can replace the variable $ImageRef with the source that is relevant at any moment.