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CHILI GraFx Subscriptions

Your account can hold 1 or more subscriptions. Choosing "My subscriptions" in the account drop down will display a dashboard of the first active subscription.



If you have more than 1 subscription, you can change subscriptions in the dropdown next to the home button.

Subscriptions change


Template designer seats

For a designer to be able to make a template, you need to assign a Template Designer Seat to this user. These seats can be re-assigned to other users over time.


Renders is a measure of usage of the platform. See renders for more detail.

This number shows the average renders, over the last 6 months. This is also the basis for the invoicing.


Shows the amount of storage your environment or subscription uses.

Sandbox environments

Shows the amount of sandbox environments your subscription uses.

Production environments

Shows the amount of production environments your subscription uses.

Staging tenants

Shows the amount of staging tenants your subscription uses.