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GraFx Publisher (formerly CHILI publisher)


GraFx Publisher is the evolution of CHILI publisher Online (CPO) into the platform of CHILI GraFx.

Enter the 'phygital' age of marketing by producing high-quality print and static digital output with GraFx Publisher.

Concepts and features from CHILI publisher

The documentation (of CHILI publisher) is maintained at this location.

My CHILI Publisher

My CHILI publisher — MyCP in short — was the web portal you can use to manage your subscriptions and environments.

This functionality has been transfered to CHILI GraFx.

See also CHILI publisher documentation

CHILI BackOffice

The Back Office of CHILI publisher holds documents, assets, configurations, etc... With the launch of CHILI GraFx most of this functionality will be transfered to the platform.

Assets will evolve into GraFx Media, Fonts will evolve into GraFx Fonts, documents will be managed in the CHILI GraFx platform etc.

See also CHILI publisher documentation

CHILI Editor

Since 2010, the CHILI Editor of CHILI publisher has been the de-facto Smart Template design solution.

With the introduction of GraFx Studio, we added a second smart template solution for the digital age.

CHILI Editor will live on in the GraFx Publisher solution, in the CHILI GraFx platform.

See also CHILI publisher documentation

Important features of CHILI Editor



Dynamic Layouts

Alternate Layouts


Dynamic Asset Providers

Variable data

Document actions

Spell check



CHILI publisher is made to be integrated. The same philosophy is kept, and CHILI GraFx, GraFx Publisher, and GraFx Studio are also made to be integrated.

See Developer Center for the full API & SDK guides.

See also CHILI publisher documentation

CHILI publish converters

CHILI publisher, now GraFx Publisher is a smart template editor to allow end-users to interact with your document in a controlled (on-brand) way. GraFx Publisher lives at the end of the workflow, starting from the Smart Template phase.

Concept > Design > Layout > (corporate) Approval > Smart Template > End-user interaction

You'll need a way to convert your existing documents from your current (desktop) Document Editor into GraFx Publisher.

Once in GraFx Publisher, you can add Document Intelligence, brand guidelines and other rules to allow end-users to interact with your document.

See also CHILI publisher documentation

CHILI Switch configurator

The CHILI publisher Configurator for Enfocus Switch allows for Switch customers to execute CHILI publisher related functions inside of Switch Flows.

See also CHILI publisher documentation

CHILI publisher end-of-life

CHILI publisher (legacy) is end-of-life.

To benefit continued support and maintenance, switch to CHILI GraFx.

GraFx Publisher is the application based on CHILI publisher, hosted in the CHILI GraFx platform.

The documentation for CHILI publisher, used on-premise, can be found here.


Remember that support for CHILI publisher (on premise) is end-of-life.

For previous documentation visit this link