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How to animate a frame


Be sure to first read about the concept of Animation

We will also refer to Animation panel

Before you animate

Show the timeline

Click on the Layers icon in the bottom quick tools panel.

Timeline change

Select the frame

Select the frame in the page, or in the list of layers.

If the frame is not visible on the canvas, make sure to click the eye symbol

Animation tab

Open the animation tab, in the properties panel.

Animate the intro

Expand the intro section of the animation panel.

Select 1 or more of the behaviours you want to apply to the intro of the animation. Then select the properties linked to the behaviour.

Timeline change

Adjust the length of the animation in the timeline.

Timeline change


If you are distracted by other frames animating through your current frame, you can hide the other frame by clicking the eye next to these frames.

Test the Animation

Click the play button in the timeline panel to preview the animation. Adjust if needed and repeat until happy.

Animate the emphasis

The emphasis allows you to hi-light the middle section of the animation.

Expand the Emphasis section in the animation panel, and choose a type of animation.

Adjust the start- and endpoint in the timeline, and test the animation.

Animate the Outro

Expand the Outro section in the animation panel.

Set the properties for one of the behaviours for the outro action, and test the animation untill you're happy.