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Smart Template Editors compared

CHILI GraFx is the platform to enable multichannel creative automation.

Our vision is to provide you with 1 smart template editor for animated digital, static digital and print output.

GraFx Publisher has been around for a while and is the editor for smart templates intended for static digital and (variable-data) PDF output.

GraFx Studio is the next generation smart template editor. Our goal is to provide you with all the tools for animated, static digital and print output, for the self-service use-case and for any automated workflow.

Therefore we redesigned the editor, SDK and API from scratch.

Today, the feature set for print in GraFx Publisher is still more extensive. But day by day, print-related features are added.

When you want to have both channels combined, please have a look at the feature comparison below. This will help you decide where to start.

Feature GraFx Studio GraFx Publisher Remarks
❇️ Being developped
Support for custom document sizes
Support for multipage documents
Baseline grids
Support for layers
Support for bookmarks
Support for annotations
Support for document rotation
Configurable Asset directories
Advanced border and fill settings
Different blend modes
Shape Support
Drop shadows
Frame Positioning: mm
Frame Positioning: inch
Frame Positioning: pt
Frame Positioning: pixels (px)
Text Editing
Edit text inline GraFx Studio: only for Template Designers
Edit text story mode (with or without formatting)
Variable-based text editing through forms
Paste text copied from clipboard
Edit text in non-orthogonal frame
Edit text along path
Change the text color
Character styles
Paragraph styles
Text wrapping around other objects
Text wrapping around non orthogonal shapes
Support for TrueType fonts
Support for OpenType Fonts
Non-Latin alphabets (Multibyte support)
Right to left support
Add strokes to text
Support for common image formats
Manual Image cropping
Automatic Image fitting
Different image selection methods
Upload images from local client ❇️
Basic image repository
Link to external image repositories
Support for external URL (xml feed) ❇️ Replaced by connector framework in GraFx Studio
Support for image transformations
Support for image Conversion Profiles ❇️
Support for dynamic asset providers ❇️ Replaced by connector framework in GraFx Studio
Automatic Cropping ❇️
Enable animated output
Define the length of the animation
Animate individual frames
Define intro animation
Define emphasis animation
Define outro animation
Define ease type
Define rotation
Define scaling
Maintain animation across layouts
Support for CMYK colors
Support for spot colors
Support for RGB
Support for Lab colors
Support for mixed ink colors (CMYK + Spot Colors)
Support for gradients
Custom color swatches
Pre-defined barcode setup in backoffice
Support for datamatrix ❇️
Support for UPC ❇️
Support for EAN13 ❇️
Support for QR ❇️
Support for ISBN
GS1-128 ❇️
GS1-Datamatrix ❇️
PDF417 ❇️
Pharmacode 1-bar
Real-time preflight reports
Configurable preflight warnings and errors, including text overflow and resolution ❇️
Selectively lock, unlock or allow specific edits on frames ❇️
Document constraints ❇️
Page constraints
Layer constraints
Frame constraints ❇️
Frame content constraints ❇️
Pre-defined constraints (apply to multiple documents)
Limit styles for specific frames
Limit font usage per document
Limit font usage per text frame
Move region
Granular constraints (frame, layer, document) ❇️
Use variables to insert content into templates
Type: Short text
Type: Long text ❇️
Type: Formatted Text ❇️
Type: Structured Text ❇️
Type: Calculated Field GraFx Studio: Combination of hidden fields and Actions
Type: Image
Type: Number ❇️
Type: Checkbox / Boolean
Type: Date ❇️
Type: List
Type: Color
Type: Coordinate
Type: Divider
Type: Button Bar
Use variables in text frames
Use variables in image frames
Use variables in barcodes ❇️
Use variables in action editor
Use variables in color definitions
Use variables on layers
Add scripting intelligence to variables
Create variables in document
Template Intelligence
Make templates smart so they can react to changes in content
Automate Artwork Production
Autogrow of Text frames ❇️
Copyfitting of text in variables
Copyfitting of non-variable text
Copyfitting across multiple frames
Apply copyfitting on individual frames
Anchoring In GraFx Studio through Actions
Layouts GraFx Studio supports inheritance in layouts
Support for multiple output dimensions
Snippets (Documents in documents)
Action editor (allow scripting in your document) GraFx Studio supports JavaScript based Actions
Event based scripting triggers
Variable data-based scripting triggers
Dynamic Layouts
Multiple reference points
Relative positioning of the frames GraFx Studio through Actions
Frame positioning, resizing and rotation based on variables GraFx Studio through Actions
Flexible Document Sizes based on variables GraFx Studio through Actions
Advanced Anchoring GraFx Studio through Actions
External Assets
Use images and other assets from your DAM or asset repositories Through connector framework in GraFx Studio
Data Sources
Connect Smart Templates to single-source-of-truth data sets and eliminate content errors. ❇️
Import databases, merge data ❇️
Support for structured files (csv, excel, xml) ❇️
Text overflow preflight warning
PDF Standards ❇️
Output to PDF GraFx Studio: no presets yet
Output to PDF with crop and/or bleed marks
Output to PDF with variable data ❇️ GraFx Studio: via API
Output to JPG
Output to PNG
Output to GIF
Output to MP4
Output to HTML
Output to Adobe InDesign (IDML)
SDK Available
Open file format
Custom Interfaces