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CHILI GraFx Integrations

Integration is the process of connecting web applications or services with the CHILI GraFx platform, enabling them to seamlessly collaborate and exchange data or functionality.

Integrations expand the capabilities of CHILI GraFx beyond its core features by leveraging the resources and functionalities offered by other applications or services.

Conversely, applications can also enhance their capabilities by integrating with CHILI GraFx, taking advantage of its features.

External Systems

For example, GraFx Studio can be integrated into a DAM, PIM, or DXP platform, facilitating the enrichment of static assets with smart templates.

To enable external applications to connect to CHILI GraFx, an Integration must be defined within the CHILI GraFx platform, which includes a name and credentials for authentication.

For instructions on setting up an Integration, see our guide.

Platform API

The GraFx Platform API allows you to manage GraFx Platform resources.

Some example use cases are:

  • User management
  • Environment creation
  • Buy (Render pack) add-ons

Environment API

Through the GraFx Environment API you can manage your CHILI GraFx environments.

Some exmaple use cases are:

  • Adding Smart Templates
  • Adding Template Designer seats (later)
  • Generating Output

You can learn more about these in the Developer Center