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CHILI GraFx Product documentation


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The Platform & Applications

  • tinyapplogo CHILI GraFx

    CHILI GraFx platform centralizes your account information, users, resources and documents.

    Getting started

  • tinyapplogo GraFx Studio

    GraFx Studio is the multichannel Smart Template editor for (animated) digital and print output.

    Make your first Smart Template

  • tinyapplogo GraFx Publisher

    Enter the 'phygital' age of marketing by producing high-quality print and static digital output with GraFx Publisher.

    Make your first Smart Template

  • tinyapplogo GraFx Media

    GraFx Media is the central repository to store your assets to be used in your Smart Templates.

    Upload your media

  • tinyapplogo GraFx Fonts

    GraFx Fonts serves Fonts and Font families for GraFx Studio

    Upload your fonts

  • Developer Center

    Integrate powerful GraFx Applications in your web application.

    Start Integrating

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All information on this portal is documentation on the products and services of CHILI publish.

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