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CHILI GraFx Product documentation

As part of the CHILI publish Academy, the product documentation serves as a reference to point you in the right direction.

Each section provides you

- Concepts
- How to manage or admin
- How to ... (perform this action)
- How to Integrate
- API reference
- Release notes

The Platform & Applications

Platform: CHILI GraFx

Application: GraFx Studio

Application: GraFx Publisher


CHILI publish (dot) Academy

The online learning platform where you can follow self-paced training.

CHILI publish (dot) Academy

Demo portal

Try out concepts before you implement them

Demo Portal: The Big Spicy


Support website

CHILI publish NV


All information on this portal is documentation on the products and services of CHILI publish. See Application of CHILI GraFx.

CHILI publish NV
Korte Keppestraat 9, bus 11
9320 Aalst, Belgium