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GraFx Publisher Converter for Adobe® Illustrator®


Download the newest version

Version 8.0 here.

Converter Overview


Server Connection Setup


  • Preset: Save your server connection as a preset for easy future access.
  • URL: Enter the URL to your GraFx Publisher instance.
    • GraFx Publisher format: https://[your CHILI url]/main.asmx
    • Legacy systems format: https://[your CHILI url]/CHILI/main.asmx
  • Environment: Specify the name of your environment.
  • Login: Authenticate using your CHILI GraFx platform credentials.
  • Status: Check your connection status.

Exporting to GraFx Publisher


Configure your export settings:

  • Preset: Use a previously saved preset.
  • Destination: Choose between uploading to GraFx Publisher or creating a local CHILI package.
  • Folders: Designate folders for documents, images, and fonts. Ensure these exist before conversion.
  • Document Name: Set your file's name.

Preflight Checks

Identify potential issues before conversion with Preflight checks.




Customize your settings:

  • Language
  • Overwrite Options
  • Logging: Enable detailed conversion logs.
  • Log Level: Select the amount of detail for your logs.
  • Version: View the current version.