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Project Overview

Welcome to this project based guide which is designed to teach you how to build a Template to Project workflow in GraFx Studio with zero knowledge of the application APIs. By the end you will have a basic application that will load Templates into Projects in an end-user UI and allow you to order them for output.

What to expect of this course:

  • A follow along guide broken down into sections
  • Code samples for every step of the process
  • Discussions on best practices

Prerequisites: Familiarity with JavaScript, including asynchronous operations, and making HTTP requests. If you're working in a different language, the concepts should still apply. For further reading on JavaScript and HTTP, refer to Mozilla's guides on JavaScript and HTTP.

How To Use The Guide

There are two methods:

  1. You could go step by step, and copy the guide to the letter.
  2. You can use each section as reference while building your own project.

Method 2 has more benefits, including the flexibility to adapt the code and concepts to fit your specific project requirements. This approach encourages a deeper understanding of the principles behind the code, which can be more beneficial for long-term skill development. It allows you to experiment with different techniques and learn from the outcomes, which is critical for becoming a proficient developer. Additionally, by not adhering strictly to the guide, you challenge yourself to solve problems independently, which is a key aspect of professional growth.

We strongly encourage you to use method 2.

The Guide

This guide is broken up in to sections. In each section we will add some additional functioanlity to our application until we reach our final template store.