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Section 2: Creating Store Pages

To set up the template store, we'll need the following 7 pages:

Page Reason
login.html Login as a user or admin
store-front.html For showing all the templates that a user can customize and then order
editor.html For opening a project in an editor
store-admin.html A special admmin page for publishing and removing templates in our store


We're using the same terminology as GraFx Studio for simplicity.

Run the following commands in your terminal to create the pages:

mkdir public && touch public/login.html public/store-front.html public/editor.html public/store-admin.html
mkdir public; ni public/login.html, public/store-front.html, public/editor.html, public/store-admin.html -ItemType File

These HTML files are empty for now but will be populated shortly in the follwing sections.