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User management


The first table shows the roles and their permissions.
You can assign these roles to all users in your subscription.

Any user can have 1 or more roles at the same time.

Roles End User SA EA CA1
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TD Workspace
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Template designer seats give a user extra permissions, and can only be assigned according to the available seats.

E.g. If you have 100 users, and 5 Template Designer Seats, you can only give 5 users a Template Designer Seat.

  Template Designer Seat (TDS)
TD Workspace

End users, Subscription Admins and Environment Admins can function as Template Designers when they are allocated a Template Designer Seat.



Extra permissions

Specific application

  • TD Workspace: The workspace where Template Designers can edit Smart Templates in GraFx Studio


Subscription Admin

Definition: A Subscription Admin manages the subscription(s) they are assigned to


  • View all subscription(s) assigned to
  • View usage reporting
  • View subscription details
  • View an overview of all the environments in a subscription
  • Request add-ons (eg. extra storage)
  • Directly contact to Client Success Manager
  • User management for all users in the subscription (CRUD)
  • Invite users to all available environments in the subscription

In the API, this role is labeled as "SA".


CRUD is an acronym for - Create (users in this case, i.e. Invite users) - Retrieve (see the user list) - Update (change details of a user) - Delete (remove them from the list)

Subscription Admin

Important: a Subscription Admin can assign the role 'Subscription Admin' to other users on 'User Detail page'. A Subscription Admin can take away the role of another Subscription Admin.

Environment Admin

Definition: An Environment Admin manages the CHILI GraFx environment(s) where they are assigned to by their Subscription Admin


  • Access to environments where you are Environment Admin
  • View an overview of all the environments where you are Environment Admin
  • Manage the CHILI GraFx environment where you are Environment Admin
    • Environment Settings (eg. branding)
    • User management (CRUD actions) for the users of environments where you are Environment Admin
  • Invite users to the Environment

In the API, this is labeled as "EA".

End User

Definition: An "End User" works as an end user in the CHILI GraFx environment(s) to which they are assigned. This is the default role, and cannot be removed.


  • Access to the environments the End User is assigned to
  • View an overview of all the environments where the End User has access
  • Limited in what applications they can access (see table)
  • Create "My projects" based on Collections (using fonts & media that are made available in the template)

In the API, this is labeled as "EU". (End User)

Template Designer

Content Administrator

Definition: A content Administrator is a legacy role, available to users that have been converted from CHILI publisher Online.

Impact on GraFx Publisher

A content Administrator can create and use GraFx Publisher templates. There is no limit to Content Administrators for converted CHILI publisher Online customers.

This role will not be visible to Subscriptions without a prior CHILI publisher Online subscription.

Impact on GraFx Studio

Content Administrators will be able to create Templates in GraFx Studio, but the output will be watermarked, if you are on a CHILI publisher Online contract.

To be able to make/edit GraFx Studio Templates while on a CHILI GraFx contract, you need Template Designer Seats.

Template Designer

A template Designer Seat can be assigned to a limited amount of people, depending on the amount of seats you subscribed to.

See the Template Designer Seat page

User creation and invitation

First user

The first user will be the Subscription Admin, and is created by CHILI publish, as a result of a signed contract.

Subsequent Users

Other users can be invited to CHILI GraFx by

  • A Subscription Admin
  • An Environment Admin

Only the Subscription Admin & the Environment Admin can access the User Management page on CHILI GraFx where they can:

  • View an overview of the users
  • Invite users to CHILI GraFx
  • Give access to users

Changing roles

Click here to see how to change roles & Environment access.

  1. Content Admin is a role introduced to support Legacy Customers. See Content Admin for more details.