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GraFx Studio Overview

This is a quick start guide to get you started with the Studio SDK, usingBun as our JavaScript runtime & toolkit, because it is more user-friendliness. Our end goal is to familiarize you with the basics of setting up a project using the Studio SDK to load and interact with the editor engine.

What You'll Need for Production

To deploy your project in a live environment, ensure you have:

  • JavaScript Engine: Node.js recommended. For simplicity, this guide uses Bun.
  • Bundler: Bundlers package your code into a single file, essential for StudioSDK which is an exteranl project. Common choices include webpack, esbuild, and parcel.
  • Web Server: Required to deliver your files over HTTP to avoid errors.

However, for production purposes, we currently suggest using node.

Guide Requirements

However, for this guide, you need only two things:

  • bun a JavaScript engine which you can install here. Bun comes with easy API for serving files over HTTP and a bundler built in.
  • An integration token, which you need to generate here: integration