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Template Designer (seats)

The Template Designer role deserves its own page. This role differs from the others because the number of users that can be assigned this role is limited.

Your contract defines how many users can be assigned this role.


A Template Designer can create templates in the CHILI GraFx environments where the user is assigned to

Assigned permissions

  • View templates
  • Create templates
  • Update templates
  • delete templates

Different permissions than Environment user

  • Different permissions than Environment User
  • The Template Designer has to be assigned on the Subscription Management page since this role is a paying add-on
  • A Template Designer Seat is assigned on the Subscription Level. If the user has access to an environment, with a Seat assigned, they can make templates in the environments they have access to.
  • To use the Desktop plugins you don't need a template designer seat: importing content in GraFx Publisher or GraFx Studio doesn't require a template designer seat but making the templates smart does require a seat.

Template designer seats (role) are assigned on the Subscription page

Template Designer Seat

In the Assigned Seats tab, you can free seats to allow other users in your seat.

Template Designer Seat

Important for CHILI publish Online customers

The restriction does not apply for GraFx Publisher, for customers that had a previous CHILI publish Online subscription. You are still able to add users, and assign the Content Administrator role, and these people will be able to make and use GraFx Publisher templates.