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Workspace elements

When opening the GraFx Studio editor, you will see the full workspace


Elements on screen


1 Sidebar

Toolpanel to select the tool you wish to use to edit your document.

2 Document Canvas

The document Canvas.

3 Page or Document

Your smart template, showed as a page or the full document.

4 Properties

A panel where content will show with properties of the selected item in your document.

5 Bottom Quick Tools

Extra tools to show panels for specific uses

  • Alternate Layouts
  • Layers & Animation
  • Media
  • Styles

6 Bottom panel

Contextual bottom panel will hold information for relevant tools.

E.g. layers or animation timeline will be displayed here


7 Quick Tools Details

Depending on the selection of your tool you'll see different details.

E.g. with alternate layouts, you can organize your layouts.

8 Hamburger menu

Tell the application to save or export your smart template as

  • MP4
  • GIF
  • JPG
  • PNG