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Developer Center

Welcome to the Developer Center. This page is designed for developers who are interested in integrating CHILI GraFx into their applications or building Custom Connectors.

Select the application you wish to integrate to get more details:

  • GraFx Studio: A modern, multichannel Smart Template editor for digital and print output that includes lightweight template management.
  • Custom Connectors: Custom Connectors are exclusively used with GraFx Studio.
  • GraFx Media: An application that provides streamlined asset management capabilities.
  • GraFx Publisher: GraFx Publisher is the evolution of CHILI publisher Online (CPO) into the platform of CHILI GraFx. It stores templates in the application and uses the same assets as in GraFx Media.

If you are unsure about the differences between each application, please continue reading for more information.

Application Explanations

See application overview