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Viewing assets in GraFx Media

When opening GraFx Media, you see the action banner (1) and below all top level folders (2).


1 Action Banner: The area of the application where you interact with the contents. You can search, sort and change the view.

2 Folders and Media: Similar to what you're used to in any OS, a view on the folders and their contents.

Action banner


3 Sort Field: Select the field you want to sort the contents below

4 Sorting order: Select the order or sorting (ascending or descending)

5 Search field: Search on the name or ID of an asset

6 Create folder: Add a (sub)folder at the current location

7 Upload button: Upload asset(s) to the current location. (You can upload 1 or more at the same time)

8 View: View the contents in a grid or list view