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How to work with template variables

Template Variables

When referring to variables we can mean Template variables or JavaScript variables. In the context of this page, we are talking about Template variables, unless stated differently.

Be sure to also check the concept page

Insert template variable in a text frame

Choose "Insert" from the variable "..." menu to insert it into a text frame


In edit mode, the template variable name is shown in a gray box in the text.



If the frame is not wide enough to show the full name, the name will be truncated to avoid overflow.


Assign template variable to image frame

Select the image frame you want to assign the template variable to.

In the variable tab, choose the image variable from the "Insert variable" drop-down menu.


Un-assign a template variable from an image frame

To remove the template variable from the image frame, select the frame and choose "None" from the "Insert variable" drop-down menu.