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Step by step

Create a Smart Templates in under 15 minutes.

Looking for detailed training material? Have a look at the CHILI publish Academy.

Steps to your first template

  1. Logging in to CHILI GraFx
  2. Navigating around in CHILI GraFx
  3. Applications & Environments
  4. Template creation
    1. Hello world in GraFx Publisher
    2. Hello world in GraFx Studio
    3. 15 minute intro into GraFx Studio
  5. Media management
    1. GraFx Media intro

Hello World?

In programming, a "hello world" example is a simple program that outputs the text "Hello, world!" to the console or display. It is typically one of the first programs a beginner writes when learning a new programming language or environment. The program usually consists of just a few lines of code and serves as a basic introduction to the syntax and structure of the language.

The "hello world" example is often used as a starting point for more complex programming tasks, and serves as a way to confirm that the environment is set up and working correctly. The simplicity of the program makes it easy to understand and modify, making it a useful tool for debugging and testing.

In graphic design, the "hello world" example refers to a basic project that introduces smart template designers to the tools and techniques. It can be a simple project such as designing a social media graphic or printed advertisement, which allows designers to get familiar with the interface, tools, and functionality of CHILI GraFx.

Similar to programming, the "hello world" project is usually the first project that a beginner designer creates when learning a new software or design concept. The project may consist of basic design elements, such as selecting colors, typography, and shapes. It allows designers to explore the software and become comfortable with its features.