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User management transition


We are transitioning "User management" from the current Applications (like GraFx Publisher) to the CHILI GraFx Platform.

User management for the new Applications (like GraFx Studio, GraFx Media, ...) are all handled in the CHILI GraFx platform.

The CHILI GraFx platform is the place to create users. Human users (people) and API users.

Except API users for GraFx Publisher.

API users for GraFx Publisher (only) need to be created following the information below.


Creating API users for the platform or your environment, will be available soon in CHILI GraFx.

API users vs Human users

When we refer to "human" users, we are referring to the people (you) who will be using CHILI GraFx directly through the user interface (UI) that has been designed for people. You will be able to navigate through the various features, input data, and receive feedback from the system based on your actions.

On the other hand, API users are not human users, but rather computer programs or systems that interact with the software application through its application programming interface (API). API users are typically used in systems that want to access the functionality of the platform programmatically, rather than through a graphical user interface (GUI). API users can send requests to the application's API, which will then return responses with the requested data or perform the requested actions.

GraFx Publisher API users

When logged in into CHILI GraFx, you cannot add API users for GraFx Publisher.

API (also known as Machine to Machine - M2M in short) users are necessary to create integrations with your application and GraFx Publisher.

To create API users in GraFx Publisher, log in with your original credentials into GraFx Publisher.

Original URL

Your original URL will look like this (this one won't work, it's about the structure)



When logged in through GraFx Publisher, you'll see this URL:[some-number]/publisher


Create a GraFx Publisher API user

To create API users, you need to login via the original URL.

If you logged in via the right URL, you'll see this:


Continue with "Users" and create the "API" user. We called it "API" but feel free to give the user a different name.


Now your API user for Integration with GraFx Publisher is ready.