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GraFx Studio updates


New settings for barcodes

  • Change the fill and background color of a barcode
  • Show or hide the light margin indicator for EAN-13 and EAN-8 barcodes
  • Show or hide the start and stop characters for Code 39 barcodes

Other improvements

  • JPG output gets a white background when the layout fill color is disabled or when the intent is print (previously, it was a black background)
  • List variables can be inserted in a text frame
  • Multiple frames can be dragged up/down and deleted in the Layers panel
  • A toast message appears in the Studio workspace and the Studio UI when an export failed
  • The export dialog is opened at the center of the screen in the Studio workspace
  • The hamburger menu shows the shortcuts for the zoom options
  • The zoom shortcuts now only zoom the canvas, not the workspace


  • Fixed GraFx Genie authentication issue after a long period of inactivity
  • Fixed issue with the CMYK input fields in the color picker
  • Fixed issue with "Paste" messages on input fields in Firefox and Safari
  • Other small fixes and improvements