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Media Connector in CHILI GraFx

To enable custom expansion of CHILI GraFx, we provide a Media Connector you can customize and build.

Default Integration with GraFx Media

  • Out-of-the-Box Functionality: CHILI GraFx has a built-in connector to "GraFx Media".
  • Seamless Media Asset Provisioning: GraFx Media serves as the primary media asset source for GraFx Studio, accessible immediately.

Custom Connector Framework

  • Extending Capabilities: Developers can create custom media connectors and use them in GraFx Studio.
  • Diverse Media Sources Integration: Allows integration with a wide array of external asset providers, including various DAM systems.
  • Tailored Media Solutions: Facilitates linking GraFx Studio with specific media sources according to project or organizational needs.


  • Enhanced Flexibility and Choice: Users can connect to a diverse range of media asset providers.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Enables efficient access and utilization of media assets in GraFx Studio.