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Release notes

Environment API 1.5.0


Several improvements are made to the Environment API. Some changes will be visible in the Platform and Applications in a future update, but are now available in the API.

Some updates are to improve functionality.

CHILI GraFx platform updates


  • Info message for Subscription - & Environment Admin users when clicking on a template
  • UI improvements for dashboard and list view of Grafx Studio Templates, GraFx Media and GraFx Fonts
  • Improved navigation to integrations from the environment page

Release notes as RSS feed


New feature

The CHILI GraFx release notes are now available as an RSS feed.

You can subscribe to the RSS feed, and be informed by your favorite RSS reader of any update as they happen frequently.

See how to subscribe

All users



To avoid confusion, the [All users] group will have a fixed name and description.
This default user group contains all users available in a subscription.


rn_icon GraFx Studio


  • Sort and search for GraFx Studio templates added
  • List and grid view available for GraFx Studio templates
  • When user double clicks on a template only 1 project is created

Template Designer Seats



  • A Template Designer Seat empowers users to craft production-ready templates in GraFx Studio. This ensures that only those with a Template Designer Seat have the ability to create and refine templates, highlighting the specialized role and expertise required for template design within the platform.
  • Renders from GraFx Studio are reported on the analytics page of CHILI GraFx
  • Output from GraFx Studio done by clients that are not on a CHILI GraFx contract is watermarked
  • Personalized in-app messaging to users on CHILI GraFx